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"I'm anti violence"

Click here for instructions on how you can join the "I'm anti violence" photo campaign!

The Anti-Violence Project's "I'm anti violence Photo Campaign" coincides with a new advertising campaign running on New York City buses, subways, and in local media. By declaring "I'm anti violence," both the ad and photo campaigns highlight the idea that we must all work together to end violence and to keep our streets and homes safe.

We invite you to participate in this campaign and declare your support by creating your own personal "I'm anti violence" ad. It's easy--just follow the directions below to download a version of the ad you can personalize and then send us a picture of you holding the ad. We will feature the pictures on our site as part of our work to affirm and celebrate the efforts of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities and indeed all New Yorkers who oppose violence and hold the shared values of community, dignity and respect.

To add your photo to the "I'm anti violence" Photo Campaign, here's all you need to do:

  1. Get the sign.
    Click here to download our sign (PDF, 16kb)
  2. Take your photo.
    Fill in the blank on the sign and take your photo.
  3. Send us your photo.
    Email your photo to and we'll add it to the slideshow.

We hope you have fun participating in our photo campaign! Don't forget to check back regularly for the latest photos.

Photo Guidelines

The "I'm anti violence" Photo Campaign is a way to have fun and show your support for the Anti-Violence Project's work. We encourage your creativity and recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • Photos should be in JPEG format (.jpg or .jpeg)
  • Be sure your sign can be read clearly in the photos you submit.
  • Do not post any photos that are obscene, violent, or defamatory; the Anti-Violence Project reserves the right to reject any photos submitted to the campaign.

Help AVP Grow!

Thank you for taking part in the Anti-Violence Project's photo campaign! Here are three more simple things you can do to help support the crucial work of the Anti-Violence Project.

  1. Tell your friends about this campaign. Simply email your friends a link to this page and encourage them to participate. Better still, find your photo hosted in our Flickr account (link) and send it to your friends, to show them what you've done and ask for their involvement!
  2. Join our Facebook page (link) in support of the Anti-Violence Project. Once you've joined you can invite your friends to do the same. Better still, change your facebook photo to the one you took for this campaign, and encourage your friends to join!
  3. Donate $25 to the Anti-Violence Project today! While the state of the current economy affects us all, it can be extremely devastating to non-profit organizations like the Anti-Violence Project, and we need your help!

    Donate now! Click here to donate now via Network For Good.

Thank you for your involvement and support!

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