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LGBTQ communities face bias and discrimination every day. If you or someone you know feels unsafe, is attacked or harassed, call us on our 24-hour bilingual (English/Spanish) hotline: 212.714.1141. 

Together, we can end hate violence. 

Click on our on-line secure reporting form if you are are hesitant to call our hotline to report hate violence incidents that you have experienced or witnessed:



Report Domestic Violence

Some LGBTQ relationships can be hurtful, unsafe or violent. If you have ever felt unsafe in a relationship or know someone who has, call us on our 24-hour bilingual (English/Spanish) hotline 212.714.1141. 

You are not alone.


Report sexual Violence

LGBTQ people face sexual violence. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence and areunsure about where to go or who to call, we are here to provide support. Call our 24-hour bilingual (English/Spanish) hotline at 212-714-1141.           

We’re here to help.




Bullying is any form of repeated violence. It can involve verbal or physical attacks, sexual violence, intimidation or cyber bullying to make someone feel powerless. It can be based on a person’s actual or perceived identity including sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or HIV status. Bullying can happen to anyone. Call our 24-hour bilingual (English/Spanish) hotline at 212-714-1141 if you have experience bullying-related violence.
Bullying is violence.



Your safety comes first. If you are injured or bleeding, or still in danger, call 911 or go directly to a hospital emergency room.

Call AVP's hotline at 212-714-1141. You can ask to speak with a male or female counselor, or Spanish- or English-speaking counselor. If you're calling outside our office hours, you need to be at a phone where we can call you back. If it's not safe for us to call you where you are, go to a safe place such as a friend's place, all-night diner or hospital emergency room and call us from there. You can call AVP's office at (212) 714-1184 from 10:00am to 6:00pm Mon-Fri (except major holidays) to speak with a staff counselor or schedule an appointment.

Additionally, AVP tracks and documents anti-LGBTQH incidents and domestic violence and uses this information to educate our own communities about safe dating, safe cruising, recognizing the signs of abuse, and muchmore.  AVP works to change public attitudes that encourage and condone hate-motivated violence, and to promote public policies designed to deter such violence

AVP is now providing counseling, intake, and advocacy for survivors of intimate partner, sexual and hate violence in all five boroughs of New York City. If you or someone you love has experienced violence, you can find us here:

Download a list of AVP's locations (PDF)


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