Who We Are


The New York State Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Domestic Violence Network ("The Network") is a statewide, multidisciplinary group of direct service providers, community-based agencies, advocates, educators, policy makers, and funders who are working on behalf of LGBTQ communities affected by domestic violence.

Our Mission


The Network seeks to raise awareness of and improve response to domestic violence impacting LGBTQ communities throughout the state.  The Network supports service providers, advocates, policy makers and others by providing education and advocacy, fostering collaboration, and identifying and working towards needed change.

These efforts will enhance the availability and delivery of services while promoting advocacy on behalf of those affected by domestic violence in LGBTQ communities.


Contact Information


The Network is sponsored and coordinated by:

New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project

240 West 35th Street, Suite 200

New York, NY 10001

Hotline: (212) 714-1141

Office: (212) 714-1184