Join Us!


The Network welcomes applications for membership. One of our priorities is to increase group membership in an effort to be truly representative of the range of people and organizations concerned about and involved in addressing the impact of domestic violence in LGBTQ communities. 

Benefits of Network membership:

          Support and collaboration with other LGBTQ DV service providers, advocates and policy makers throughout the state

          Power in numbers when trying to affect change

          Connections in other locations for referrals and client services

          Technical assistance from other Network members if needed

          Workshops and trainings at annual meetings

Responsibilities of Network membership:

         Attendance at bimonthly Network conference call meetings

      Participation in at least one Network work group each year by way of monthly conference calls

         Attendance at annual business meeting

         Your agency's collaboration as part of Network advocacy efforts

        Peer support and technical assistance


If you would like to apply for membership or find out more, please contact:

The New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project

(212) 714-1184